Rental Program Overview

  • Quality Instruments and accessories that meet your teacher's specifications
  • Affordable and easily managed interest free rent-to-own contracts
  • In-house repair and replacement service
  • Web site on-line services
  • Flexible application of accrued rental payments
  • The Houston area's most "complete independent violin shop"

The Program Basics

The Fishburn Violin Shop offers a Rent-to-Own program that provides an instrument to the beginning student that meets or exceeds the standards required by the music education teacher and student. Our dedication to matching the student to the instrument insures that the student's efforts and advancement are optimized.

Benefits of Our Program:

  • The rent-to-own contract can be cancelled at any time, with no penalty fees, by returning the instrument to the retail outlet. Size changes within the same category level of the instrument can be accomplished with no change in the contract agreement for monthly fees or total cost of the instrument.
  • Size changes to a different category level of the instrument or type of instrument are authorized and all fees paid will transfer to the new instrument selected. Total payoff and montly payment will change based on the new selected instrument.
  • Monthly payments (less replacement and maintenance fees and tax) apply toward the purchase of the instrument on the contract.
  • After the contract terminates and the instrument is paid in full, the buyer may trade in the instrument for a higher quality instrument and receive 100% of the original contract value of the instrument, provided the instrument is in good quality.

Service includes:

  • Convenient automatic debiting of monthly lease charges from Credit Card
  • Monthly Statements with approved credit and security deposit
  • Convenient on-line change request
  • Weekly visits to educational programs
  • On-site full repair or replacement program

The Levels of Instruments

Basic: These are hand selected used instruments set up to meet your teachers' specifications at our most affordable rental rate.

Deluxe: These are hand selected new instruments which are set up in our shop to the exact specifications of your teacher and set the standard for quality. These instruments represent a "best value" choice and the level most often recommended by area teachers.

Premium: These are new instruments that reflect the highest quality rental available in our inventory. It is designed for the student and the parent that prefers the highest quality rental. These are set up in or shop to the exact specifications of your teacher.

The Maintenance and Replacement Policy

The Fishburn Violin Shop will maintain the instrument on a current contract in excellent playing condition. This includes necessary adjustment, string replacement, bow rehair or replacement and bridge and peg replacement. The instrument case is covered for 90 days. If the case is not repairable the customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement case..

In addition, Fishburn Violin Shop will replace the rented instrument with like kind from the same category level should the instrument be lost due to theft, fire or flood with appropriate documention of loss. Appropriate documentation will be a copy of a local police report or school security report. There is no deductible fee.

The Fishburn Violin Shop Guarantee

"You will be treated with honesty and integrity at every level of service we offer and we will adhere to providing the highest quality of products and service to you, your child and your teacher's program"

-- Dean Fishburn

Monthly Rent-To-Own Rates

All rates include tax and Replacement/Maintenance Program

Basic Level: This instrument is designed to give the student an instrument set up to their teacher's specifications at our most affordable rental rate.

InstrumentQualityMonthly Payment 
ViolinBasic$22.00Get Started Now
ViolaBasic$22.00Get Started Now
CelloBasic$39.95Get Started Now
BassNew Basic$69.95Get Started Now
BassUsed Basic$60.00Get Started Now

Deluxe Level: These instruments are all hand selected by Fishburn Violin Shop and set the standard for quality. They are set up in our shop to the exact specifications of your teacher.

InstrumentQualityMonthly Payment 
ViolinDeluxe$30.00Get Started Now
ViolaDeluxe$30.00Get Started Now
CelloDeluxe$49.95Get Started Now

Premium Level: These are the highest quality rental instruments available anywhere in the industry. They are designed for the student and the parent who prefers the highest quality rental. These are setup in our shop to the exact specifications of your teacher.

InstrumentQualityMonthly Payment 
ViolinPremium$35.00Get Started Now
ViolaPremium$35.00Get Started Now
ViolinUsed Premium $30.00Get Started Now
ViolaUsed Premium $30.00Get Started Now